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FAQ - Job Seekers

Q:      What can I expect from West Coast Personnel?
A:       When a recruiter receives a request from a company/business to find a suitable candidate for a specific position on their behalf, a dedicated process is followed to find the most suitable candidate for the position: this is done by advertising, networking and considering suitable people on their database. As recruiters specialize in certain job categories, not all CVs are useful to them, and they cannot find positions for every CV presented to them. When a candidate is a good match for the position, West Coast Personnel will promote that person in the best possible manner to ensure placement.

Q:      What will it cost?
A:       Our placement service is free to applicants, but we do not guarantee that we will find you a job. If placed, we do expect you to stay with your new employer and add value.

Q:      How do I register my CV with West Coast Personnel or apply for an advertised vacancy?
A:       See To whom should I send my CV?

Q:      How do I know which jobs are available?
A:       Go to and click on Current Jobs

Q:      To whom should I send my CV?
A:       - If you are applying for a specific position, click here or mail your CV to the e-mail address on the advert. State the position you are applying for in the subject line. You don’t have to register through the website to submit your CV.

  • To submit your CV in order to find a job, click here.

Registering your CV does not guarantee a job, but it will be considered by our consultants who will contact you, should you be suited for a position at the time. Please see CV Checklist to ensure that your CV conveys the relevant information.

Q:      What are the minimum requirements a CV should adhere to?
A:       We have compiled a CV Checklist to guide you in the right direction.

Q:      What happens after I submit my CV online?
A:       Once you apply for a position, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming receipt of your application and CV.

Q:      How will I know if I am selected to participate in the interview process?
A:       If you are selected to proceed in the process, you will be contacted directly by a West Coast Personnel Recruiter.

Q:      Can you find me a job?
A:       Recruiters find people for specific jobs, not jobs for people. Recruiters find the best candidate for an available position on behalf of a business or client. Clients require only the best suitable and verified candidates and make the final hiring decision. If you are an excellent candidate for a position, West Coast Personnel will do their best to promote your CV, but not all CVs are suitable for the positions currently available.

Q:      What is the current job market like?
A:       The world has evolved into a knowledge-driven economy, with an untamed hunger for well qualified and experienced people. We experience a shortage of good candidates – people whom are in the top 5% of their selected field of expertise with the right qualifications, experience and the ability to add value.

Q:      What is a market related salary?
A:       Click here to see the results of the Careers24 2009 salary survey

Q:      How should I dress for my interview?
A:       Industry appropriate, in short. If it’s corporate and all wear suits, wear one. Don’t under dress, and look your best. Smart casual is appropriate for many interviews, but power dressing for a sales job might just be the right thing to do. Be well groomed - avoid piercings, revealing clothing, white socks, strong perfume or too much makeup. Cover tattoos. A bad breath or mood ruins the interview.

Q:      What if I have a criminal or credit record?
A:       Be honest and explain what happened. Recruiters and employers do criminal, financial and qualification checks and will find out eventually, with devastating consequences for your career if not disclosed upfront.

Q:      If I don’t have a contract, what is my notice period?
A:       Even if you don’t have a contract, notice periods are still prescribed by law (Basic Conditions of Employment Act). After one year a 4 week notice period applies to employer and employee. An employer may release you earlier after negotiation, but has the right to demand the prescribed notice period, and the obligation to remunerate you for the notice period, even if you are asked not to attend work for the remainder of the period.

Q:      How can I acquire a professional CV?
A:       West Coast Personnel has a professional CV service. Click here for more information.

Q:      What if I apply for a job that is not currently advertised?
A:       You are welcome to submit your CV for consideration. We don’t promise that we can place you, but you never know what needs our clients might have. Click here to submit your CV.


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