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FAQ - Employers

Q:      What are the costs involved to use the services of West Coast Personnel?
A:       Permanent Placement Fees are calculated at a percentage of the employee’s commencing annual package (includes commissions and all other benefits) and become due for payment when the introduced candidate commences employment.

Q:      Does West Coast Personnel offer a guarantee?
A:       West Coast Personnel offers a 90 days free replacement guarantee on appointed candidates. To qualify for the guarantee, full payment of the fee must be received within 14 days of invoice date. 

Q:      Can I get my money back?
A:       Should West Coast Personnel not replace the candidate for whatever reason, the full placement fee will remain in credit for future recruitment.

Q:      What if the staff member does not work out?
A:       One of the best reasons to use West Coast Personnel is that a free replacement is offered, should a staff member leave your employ within the guarantee period.

Q:      Can we terminate a candidate’s services within the probation period?
A:       On appointment, an employment relationship governed by the BCEA (Basic Conditions of Employment Act) is formed between your company and the employee. It is easier to terminate services during a probation period (if specified contractually) due to non-performance or related issues, but guidelines for dismissals in your Disciplinary Procedure as regulated by the LRA (Labour Relations Act) should be followed. Performance appraisals and corrective training should be offered before dismissal. Make sure that the performance appraisals and corrective training are documented.

Q:      Where do you source your candidates from?
A:       One advert in one publication is not enough to source the best candidate. For each position a recruitment strategy is formulated. Depending on the position, adverts are placed on up to 8 of the best electronic job boards and the West Coast Personnel website and/or printed in local and/or relevant national newspapers. We started building a database of interviewed candidates in 1996 which is accessed on a regular basis. When needed, advanced search techniques are used to find the right candidate.

Q:      How big is your active database?
A:       News letters are sent to +1000 clients whom we have done business with in the past. The West Coast Personnel candidate database is in excess of 100,000 CVs in 282 different job categories. Not all CVs are active – some were placed, others are happy in their current positions. For every position the market is tested to find the best currently available candidates. Additionally we have access to the 3 biggest online SA CV databases.

Q:      What differentiates WCP from other agencies?
A:  -   We select the top 5% of candidates in their fields of expertise.

  • In business since 1996, our single-minded approach has been to find the most appropriate candidate on behalf of a client company.
  • Rather than just following the motions, we team up with our clients for the duration of the recruitment process, visit them on site to get a feel for organizational fit and devise a recruitment strategy for every job spec we agree to work on.
  • Every candidate is interviewed and profiled before submission and we assist in negotiating appointments on your behalf.
  • Clients draw on our wealth of experience to make good hiring decisions.
  • You share in the benefits of our APSO and Linx Personnel Group memberships.
  • Roodt Griesel, the owner of West Coast Personnel is an accredited MBTI (Meyers Briggs Type Indicator) facilitator. All selected West Coast Personnel candidates are profiled before submitting their CV to you.
  • West Coast Personnel honor their guarantee.
  • We conduct Skills Assessments to ensure that candidates are competent: Bookkeeping, Debtors, Creditors, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook), Typing, Data Capturing, Numeracy, Spelling and PC Skills.

Q:      Can you do Criminal, Qualification and Credit Checks?
A:       West Coast Personnel is equipped with a fingerprint reader and performs Criminal-, Credit- and Qualification checks on request. Additional test e.g. Drivers License, ID Verification, Employment History, Professional Association Membership and Permanent Residency checks are available.

Q:      Do I have to sign a contract?
A:       An acceptance of the West Coast Personnel Professional Service Agreement is required, but placement fees only become due once the candidate has commenced employment. Appointing a candidate through West Coast Personnel automatically signifies acceptance of West Coast Personnel’s Professional Service Agreement.

Q:      How long will it take to find a suitable candidate?
A:       Depending on the seniority of the position and the availability of candidates, 10 working days are required to scan the market for the best available candidate. In a skills-short market it can take longer but when candidates are available and with your cooperation, it can be much faster. As a rule of thumb 3 months should be allowed between releasing the job spec and commencement of employment in senior positions, but lesser positions may proceed swiftly.

Q:      Will you discriminate on my company’s behalf?
A:       Yes. Less than 5% of candidates considered for a position by West Coast Personnel get placed because of stringent vetting procedures. Your company deserves the unfair advantage.

Q:      Do you provide temporary staff?
A:       Our “Temps” solution is tailored for businesses not wanting to accept the administrative burden of another staff member on their payroll but requiring the services of a suitable individual that can “hit the ground running”. You can apply the skills in your business whilst we do the paperwork, pay the staff member, comply with statutory requirements and bill you on an hourly basis for work done.

Q:      Do you provide contract staff?
A:       West Coast Personnel recruits staff for Limited Duration Contracts (LDCs). The employment relationship is between your company and the employee, and West Coast Personnel charges a referral fee.

Q:      What is the advantage of using West Coast Personnel instead of filling the position yourselves?
A:       Using West Coast Personnel to recruit on your behalf allows you to focus on your core business instead of working through many CVs, drawing up shortlists, interviewing unsuitable candidates and perhaps not getting it right after all. We only provide you with the best, verified candidates for the position. Our 90 days guarantee means that you will not have to start all over again in the case of a falloff.

Q:      Will you pay contract staff on our behalf?
A:       Our Temporary Employment Services solution for “Admin Temps” and IT Contractors is a one-stop solution where West Coast Personnel enters into an employment relationship with the candidate on behalf of your company, remunerates the employee on an hourly basis and fulfills the statutory requirements on your behalf. Where you have entered into an employment relationship with the employee, the salary and statutory obligations are for your account.

Q:      How soon are we liable for costs?
A:       Placement fees only become due on commencement of employment. Payment should be made within 14 days in order to retain our guarantee.

Q:      Why should we give West Coast Personnel sole mandate?
A:       You don’t have to, but if you do we will pull out all the stops to fill your requirement, feel more comfortable to pay for expensive advertising and have your full attention (and you will have ours). Giving the specs to two other agencies means that you will have to manage three separate processes, saturate the market with the same advert and manage a flood of CVs. As APSO member West Coast Personnel abides by the APSO Code of Ethical & Professional Practice, meaning that you have recourse, should you not be satisfied. Our consultants are professionals with prior business and life experience. They have written the minimum standards exam and participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD), meaning that experienced consultants will be handling your request. We will also network your staffing needs through our professional networks and the Linx Personnel group.

Q:      How will I benefit from West Coast Personnel’s APSO membership?
A:       -        As APSO member West Coast Personnel abides by the APSO Code of Ethical & Professional Practice, meaning that you have recourse, should you not be satisfied.

  • Through us you have access to LabourNet to advise on any labour related issue.
  •  Our consultants have written the minimum standards recruitment exam and participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD), meaning that experienced people will be handling your request.

Roodt Griesel, owner of West Coast Personnel has been serving on the APSO Western Cape Executive Committee since 2001, filtering through important industry related information to improve our recruitment processes.

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